Madeleine, mother of little Joseph, believes in the community preschool center

In our country, school is a source of life. It is really important to us.

Madeleine, 21, has two children: Raymond is in kindergarten at Yokosiré public school and Joseph, 3, who goes to the community preschool center. And she is delighted that her son has access to it. This is a chance for the children who are preparing to enter school. The CPC participates in the development of children. Madeleine has noticed this. "Joseph has changed a lot since he went to CPC. When he comes home, he wants to share what he has learned: the songs, the recitations, the 7 days of the week, the alphabet, the numbers from 1 to 10… And with his friends, he tries to '' express in French. They are like little games. "

Madeleine went to school, so she knows the importance of it. "The school teaches us to read and write. And when there is a small job in the neighborhood, people tend to think of us since we went to school. Moreover, we also learn to express ourselves, not to be afraid of being uncomfortable in front of people. "Besides, she answers us, smiling, with ease and enthusiasm, the subject obviously dear to her heart. "In our country, school is a source of life. It is really important to us. Now my son is no longer like the little kids in the neighborhood who don't go to school. He is more open, talks to adults ... He is less shy. "

It is therefore with conviction that each morning of the week, Madeleine takes Joseph to the community preschool center. Then she returns home quickly to retrieve her hoe and go to the field. But she takes care of calculating the time so that she is back in time to pick up her youngest son at the CPC.

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