Press Release

UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement

30 July 2020

- Call for Submissions and Inputs -

The Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement has been established to generate recommendations for stepped – up actions by Governments, the United Nations and other actors to better prevent, respond to and drive forward solutions to internal displacement1. 

1 As per its Terms of Reference, the High-Level Panel has been tasked to look in these respects particularly at national responsibility and capacity; climate change and/or disaster-induced displacement; the humanitarian – development – peace nexus; the role of International Financial Institutions, the Private Sector and new forms of partnership at large; participation and inclusion of IDPs in the SDGs; improving the collection and use of data and evidence; new and creative forms of financing; and, as cross-cutting themes attention to protection needs, vulnerability and the unique experiences and effects of displacement of people of different genders, ages, abilities, and diversities. 

The Panel has been called upon to think out of the box, be bold and innovative in its analysis and practical in its recommendations. The Panel is committed to carry out face-to-face consultations with a wide range of stakeholders at global, regional, and national levels. In light however of the current situation resulting from the global coronavirus crisis, it is for now prioritizing channels for gathering inputs remotely. 

As a first step, the Panel is hereby calling for written contributions. In the spirit of the approach indicated already, the submissions should be bold, creative and practical. They need not focus on the day to day activities or programmes of the contributor but rather on what can make a difference on the respective challenges and imperatives of internal displacement. 

Without intending thereby to restrict the nature and scope of the inputs, the questions outlined below can be used a guide in formulating the submissions: 

1. The key issues, problems or imperative which, as you see it, should be prioritized by the Panel in its analysis of the crisis of internal displacement today and how prevention, response at large and solutions can be effectively advanced. 

2. Across the objectives of prevention, response and solutions, how can national political will, responsibility and capacity be catalyzed and cultivated. 

3. The relevance and role of humanitarian, development, peace, climate change and disaster reduction action and how a more integrated approach in these respects can be fostered. Submissions can in these respects also address the role of the Private Sector, Regional or International Financial Institutions and other development partners and actors. 

4. Focusing on solutions, your perspectives on what has led to many situations of internal displacement remaining stalled for many years and how effective solutions can be catalyzed, driven forward and supported. 

5. New or creative financing solutions which can be built up or better utilized in enabling more effective responses to displacement and the achievement of durable solutions. 

6. Critical issues or questions as you see them in respect to data and evidence in the response to internal displacement including gaps, shortcomings and challenges in approaches or implementation and how these can be addressed. 

7. What steps could be taken to strengthen the effectiveness of response management, coordination and accountability at all levels in contexts of internal displacement? 

8. Across the questions and elements highlighted above, it will be appreciated if the submissions: 

i. Highlight the protection needs, vulnerability and unique experiences and effects of displacement on people of different genders, ages, abilities and diversities. 

ii. Address the questions of meaningful participation and inclusion of the internally displaced and affected communities in the respective responses. 

iii. Include examples, practices or experiences which help illustrate the questions at stake and, in particular, from which lessons or conclusions can be drawn. 

Submissions should be sent as either an MS Word or PDF attachment to Submissions can be made in English, French and Spanish. 

All submissions received by the Panel will normally be posted on the Panel’s public website due to be launched shortly. Should you wish for your submission not to be published publicly, please indicate accordingly in your message transmitting it. 

HLP - ID Secretariat / 12.03.2020 

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